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Mineral Love is setting up shop on Etsy

I have been shopping on Etsy.com for over 4 years now and I just adore the site. I finally decided to take the leap and set up a shop there. I actually reserved my shop in July, and just now have had the time to add my items. Can someone please make the days longer?! I’d be OK with a 28 hour day 🙂 LOL

In the next few days I’ll be listing my existing products, as well as add new ones to my repertoire (Upcoming this weekend: Foundations!! I’m so excited! I’ve finally perfected my formula, and over the week I’ll be packaging, labeling, and listing them.)

Please come visit the new shop, and add me to your favorites! Mineral Love on Etsy

mineral love etsy banner

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Mineral Love – What’s Going On? and Great Finds

Hi everyone! Here’s an “end-of-the-month summary” of what’s going on with Mineral Love.


It’s the end of August and I am all ready gearing up for the holiday season (!). I’ve been very busy coming up with new products and kits for you all… I’m not going to tell you what I have planned yet (I don’t want to spoil the surprise)… Just know there are tons of new goodies and awesome deals to look forward to 😀


Also: Mineral Love is in the running for this week’s Great Finds!
I would really appreciate your vote! The winning shop receives a free advertisement and shop listing. Mineral Love could use all the exposure it can get!!!!
Just go to http://www.madeformebyoaklie.com/greatfinds.html OR click the picture below!

vote for mineral love


Don’t forget to follow Mineral Love on Twitter for the latest updates, upcoming contests, and more! Mineral Love on Twitter

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Time flies when you’re really, really busy.

Oh my! It’s really been two weeks since I’ve posted anything?!?! I’ve been extremely busy formulating new products… I have more ideas than there are hours in a day, it seems. Well… it hasn’t exactly been all work… I did take one day off and watch movies all day. It was great.

 I snapped a couple more pictures this past week at the Tuesday Market Connection:

flowerswe are all made of stars

These are two snippets of the brightly-colored mural covering the old building that was once a gas-station garage. I love it! If it’s not raining this Tuesday I’ll be taking more pictures 🙂

I also took some pictures of my dog’s rad new ‘do:

Casper's rockin' the mohawk

Casper's rockin' the mohawk



Casper came home from the groomer’s with a football-shaped hair cut. I said, “Wouldn’t he be so much cuter with a mohawk?” So Jamy pulled out the clippers and ta-da! Insta-hawk. Now I just have to make him a gold-chain necklace and he’ll be the coolest dog in the neighborhood!

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Mineral Love at Tuesday Market Connection

Last week Jamy and I visited the Tuesday Market Connection in the Hamilton/Lauraville area of Baltimore. It’s a new outdoor market with local vendors selling their handmade products (ranging from t-shirts to accessories to produce and most of everything in between!) It was an abandoned gas station at one point, which has been converted into an adorable and very quaint area for locals to get to know their neighbors and support local business. We immediately fell in love. For more details, please visit the blog: Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street News

Last night we “set up shop” there, between a sweet older lady selling her handmade housewares and a wonderful woman that was giving away trees to city residents to promote a greener city. I can’t express how great the vibe is there; all of the vendors are super supportive and very friendly! I also love the crowd; it’s such a diverse mix of people. Families with young children running around, people stopping by with their dogs (on leashes of course!), old people, young people, “punk” people, “business” people. No matter what their lifestyle is, everyone came out to support the same cause and THAT is what is most beautiful to me about this whole thing.

This is the first market of its kind that we’ve been to, so we had a week to find tables, chairs, a tent, and displays for my makeup. Needless to say, Jamy was running around like a nut last week trying to find the “big stuff” while I was working into early Tuesday morning making last-minute signage out of old cardstock, glue, and tape. Thankfully a friend of ours from the flea market had a table that he sold to us for next to nothing, and Jamy’s wonderful sister let us borrow a smaller table that she had. It all came together nicely, and I’m quite happy we didn’t forget anything we had planned to take. While we were there we made a (small) list of things to take next week that will make it nicer for us (little stuff like dental floss) and better for everyone (like more free samples to giveaway)!

Here’s some pics of the setup:

table spread w jamythat’s Jamy in the background table left

table close up one

fs closeup

Next week I hope to take more pictures of the rest of the market, including the amazing mural a local artist painted on the old building there. Also, as I was uploading my pictures, I realized (duh!) there are no pictures of me! Hahaha. Next time I’ll get Jamy to take some pictures 😀

If you’re in the Baltimore area on a Tuesday between 4pm-8pm from now until the end of October, please stop by and visit the market. I’d love to see you guys there!

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Mineral Love Magic Mixing Medium

Good afternoon my lovelies! Just wanted to let you know I have a fun new product listed on Made it Myself. It’s called Magic Mixing Medium™.  You mix it with your Mineral Love eyeshadows/blushes to increase staying power and make the colors more intense! You can find it here: Magic Mixing Medium on Madeitmyself.com

 magic mixing medium alone print

I went to a 70’s themed charity event semi-recently. I braided my hair, threw on some 70’s hippie clothes, and used Magic Mixing Medium with Hot Cocoa eyeshadow to draw a peace sign on my cheek. The peace sign stayed on all night, even though I was giving tons of hugs, and didn’t come off on anyone’s clothes! I had an amazing time, and the money went to a local organzation to keep kids off the streets and provide a positive environment for their creativity to grow. For more information, please visit http://www.baltimoreamp.com/

I can’t seem to find the pictures from the event right now, but once I find them I will post them so you all can see!

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Three days left to vote!

For those of you that haven’t heard, Mineral Love has been entered into a contest at http://www.shabbybags.net/contest.html and I could use your vote!! I’m number 21-Mineral Love. Voting ends June 18th.

Thank you all for the continued support! I couldn’t do this without you!!


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I was chosen for the One Lovely Blog Award!

I was chosen for the One Lovely Blog Award! I am so honored! PassionforBeads from My Daily Living(PassionforBeads) sent me the award. She is such a sweetie!


The 15 blogs I chose for this award are (in no particular order, I love them all!):
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Please take the time to read these blogs. It will be well worth your while!

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New Colors Listed on Madeitmyself.com

I listed six new eyeshadows on madeitmyself.com!

Here are a couple of the new shades listed:

bubblegum pink

bubblegum pink

pretty purple with shimmer

pretty purple with shimmer

You can find them here: Mineral Love

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Grey and White

Sorry it’s been forever folks, things have been CRAZY in TriciaLand! lol

I wanted to take a time out to provide you guys with a snippet of info about me 🙂

I have a daughter…. Ok, so, I didn’t give birth to her, but I love her, take care of her, feed her, brush her hair….

Her name is Yosi and she’s the sweetest cat-child around!


my 2 1/2 year old

my 2 1/2 year old

Backstory: My boyfriend and I were discussing children one day, and he jokingly said he wants his first born to be named Yosemite Sam (like the cartoon character.) My reply was, “How about we start with a cat?” So when he came home with this bundle of joy, and she was female, we called her Yosemite Samantha. For short, we call her Yosi 😀

So if you happen to see a color in the near future named “Yosi,” you’ll know the inspiration behind it!

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