I was chosen for the One Lovely Blog Award!

I was chosen for the One Lovely Blog Award! I am so honored! PassionforBeads from My Daily Living(PassionforBeads) sent me the award. She is such a sweetie!


The 15 blogs I chose for this award are (in no particular order, I love them all!):
Dig Under Rocks
The Cutest Shops Online
I Sew Cute
the illegible ink BLOT
Stimulated Mind
Made for Me by Oaklie
Backroom Treasures
Paper*Cakes Finds
kandee the make-up artist
Eternal Images
treasuring (jessica gonacha)
KIZZ…Day to Day.
jennifer smutek photography
Generations of Knowledge for Day to Day Living

Please take the time to read these blogs. It will be well worth your while!


June 8, 2009. News/Excitement.


  1. Crystal from KIZZ replied:

    You awesome you!! thank you very much for thinking of me and I am glad you enjoy my blog! Have a great day! 8)
    P.S. I am lovin the way you show off you eyeshadows. Very attractive and professional!

  2. Tommygirl replied:

    Thank u so much for the award that was so very sweet of u…i love ur blog…hope u have a great day!


    • minerallove replied:

      You are so welcome! I’ve been reading your blog since before you started your new one on blogspot 😀 Thank you very much for the kind words and I hope life is treating you well!

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