About mineral_love:

mineral_love is Natural Vegan Mineral Makeup, handmade by ME (Tricia) in a sterile environment for your pleasure! Each product is handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. I design and print my own labels. I handle all formulating, creating, packaging, labeling, shipping, everything! mineral_love is a one woman show! 

mineral_love is Beyond Cruelty-Free! I use only 100% vegan (no animal byproducts whatsoever) ingredients in all of my products. I only test on myself and my wonderful human friends 😀 Most importantly I ensure all of my suppliers are vegan certified and cruelty free!

  1. NO bismuth oxychloride
  2. NO carmine (eww bugs.)
  3. NO ferric-ferrocyanide
  4. NO “fillers” such as boron, rice powder, etc.
  5. NO nasty chemicals
  6. NO lakes or dyes
  7. NO beeswax
  8. NO lanolin

mineral_love is a labor of love, from me to you!

*all images are copyright Tricia of mineral_love 2009. If you wish to use any of my photos for personal use (no selling!), please ask!!! I’m friendly :D*


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  1. kosmo replied:

    you go girl!

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