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Mineral Love is setting up shop on Etsy

I have been shopping on Etsy.com for over 4 years now and I just adore the site. I finally decided to take the leap and set up a shop there. I actually reserved my shop in July, and just now have had the time to add my items. Can someone please make the days longer?! I’d be OK with a 28 hour day 🙂 LOL

In the next few days I’ll be listing my existing products, as well as add new ones to my repertoire (Upcoming this weekend: Foundations!! I’m so excited! I’ve finally perfected my formula, and over the week I’ll be packaging, labeling, and listing them.)

Please come visit the new shop, and add me to your favorites! Mineral Love on Etsy

mineral love etsy banner

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Mineral Love at Tuesday Market Connection

Last week Jamy and I visited the Tuesday Market Connection in the Hamilton/Lauraville area of Baltimore. It’s a new outdoor market with local vendors selling their handmade products (ranging from t-shirts to accessories to produce and most of everything in between!) It was an abandoned gas station at one point, which has been converted into an adorable and very quaint area for locals to get to know their neighbors and support local business. We immediately fell in love. For more details, please visit the blog: Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street News

Last night we “set up shop” there, between a sweet older lady selling her handmade housewares and a wonderful woman that was giving away trees to city residents to promote a greener city. I can’t express how great the vibe is there; all of the vendors are super supportive and very friendly! I also love the crowd; it’s such a diverse mix of people. Families with young children running around, people stopping by with their dogs (on leashes of course!), old people, young people, “punk” people, “business” people. No matter what their lifestyle is, everyone came out to support the same cause and THAT is what is most beautiful to me about this whole thing.

This is the first market of its kind that we’ve been to, so we had a week to find tables, chairs, a tent, and displays for my makeup. Needless to say, Jamy was running around like a nut last week trying to find the “big stuff” while I was working into early Tuesday morning making last-minute signage out of old cardstock, glue, and tape. Thankfully a friend of ours from the flea market had a table that he sold to us for next to nothing, and Jamy’s wonderful sister let us borrow a smaller table that she had. It all came together nicely, and I’m quite happy we didn’t forget anything we had planned to take. While we were there we made a (small) list of things to take next week that will make it nicer for us (little stuff like dental floss) and better for everyone (like more free samples to giveaway)!

Here’s some pics of the setup:

table spread w jamythat’s Jamy in the background table left

table close up one

fs closeup

Next week I hope to take more pictures of the rest of the market, including the amazing mural a local artist painted on the old building there. Also, as I was uploading my pictures, I realized (duh!) there are no pictures of me! Hahaha. Next time I’ll get Jamy to take some pictures 😀

If you’re in the Baltimore area on a Tuesday between 4pm-8pm from now until the end of October, please stop by and visit the market. I’d love to see you guys there!

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New Colors Listed on Madeitmyself.com

I listed six new eyeshadows on madeitmyself.com!

Here are a couple of the new shades listed:

bubblegum pink

bubblegum pink

pretty purple with shimmer

pretty purple with shimmer

You can find them here: Mineral Love

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Feature Number One!

Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve had a nasty spring cold and I’m just now starting to feel better. Not only do I feel better: I’m this week’s featured artist on MiMonNing! I’m so excited! You can click on the picture to see the full feature 🙂


Mineral Love Feature

This wonderful collage was made by the very talented Anne of Made For Me By Oaklie

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Handmade Pledge

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

Have you?

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